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For Teachers

Are you a classroom teacher struggling to “Win the classroom” Dr Q offers two ways to support you with observational feedback from site visits.

– Classroom 911

– Jump Start

Students and Teacher

For Administrators

Are you a campus or district administrator struggling to “Win the classroom?”. There are several ways D Q supports administrators at both the campus and district level.

– Curriculum Support

– Safety Audits (Taxes Only)

– Level Up Leadership

– Interim Principal

– Assessment Writing


– Effective Schools Framework Faciitator

For Students

Are you a student struggling to “Win in the classroom?” Whether it’s academic or behavioral challenges you are dealing with, Dr Q can help!

– Student Mentoring

– Small Group Behavioral Instruction

Training Materials

Discover the ultimate training for schools! Elevate test scores, diminish discipline issues, and enhance classroom connections. Learn to engage students effectively, tailor instruction, and foster profound learning experiences. Click below to explore the transformative journey awaiting you!

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Achieve higher student performance by implementing an effective disciplinary system, empowering educators to enhance classroom behavior. Equip your staff with top-tier classroom management training to drive towards your objectives. Visit our store today to access world-class resources for educational excellence.

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Unlock the ultimate training experience for your school! Elevate test scores, conquer discipline challenges, and foster stronger classroom connections. Discover how our program empowers educators to meet students’ needs and drive profound learning. Request a quote today and embark on a journey towards academic excellence!

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