Do you know a classroom teacher struggling to “win the classroom?”

Dr Q offers Classroom 911 to educators struggling with classroom management and instructional delivery. 


Classroom 911 includes:

  • 1 visit a week for 6 weeks: Tailored to your specific dates/times

  • Teacher Selection: You choose up to 5 teachers to work with (per campus)

  • Observational Data: 4-5 walkthroughs for each teacher/each day

  • Teacher Support: Brief visits with each teacher/each day, addressing questions, concerns, suggestions

  • Comprehensive Feedback: Each teacher receives an email after each visit, and principals are CC’d on all communication. Click here to see examples of feedback.

  • Actionable Insights: Each email contains personalized prescriptive feedback: 5 reinforcements, 5 refinements, and ≤3 homework items

  • Homework: No extra paperwork, no silly assignments; real resources and practical solutions

  • Progress Tracking: Some progress is expected on the homework items week to week

  • Affordable Investment: Total cost for the 6-week process is $5,280 (+ travel fees, if applicable) 











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